UPDATED Meteorite Hunting Adventures 201


April 4 – April 11, 2020

The holy-grail location for meteorite hunting. The Sahara Desert, or as we often refer to as Northwest Africa, has produced hundreds of thousands of meteorites, including ultra-rare Lunar and Martian meteorites. Your skills will be tested in this cosmic bullseye for rare meteorites.



The Atacama Desert is one of the most spectacular deserts the world has ever produced and has numerous recorded meteorite finds along its canyons. Chile serves as an excellent frontier for finding fallen treasure in a clean desert landscape for seamless meteorite hunting.


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The home state of Meteorite Hunting Adventures and expert meteorite hunters Geoff Notkin, Beth Carrillo, and Christian Meza. Soft, cool weather paired with a legendary strewnfield make Arizona a pleasant and peaceful meteorite hunting experience. 


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Highlights from our recent expeditions around the world




Geoff Notkin

Film producer, two-time Emmy Award winner, author, adventurer, meteorite specialist, President of the National Space Society, TEDx speaker, Ed Fringe performer and half of television's Meteorite Men

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Steve Arnold

The man with the plan: world-record-holding meteorite hunter, entrepreneur, long-distance traveler, adventurer, ghost hunter, treasure hunter, inventor, magician, and half of television's Meteorite Men.

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President of Aerolite Meteorites, Inc., producer, director, set designer, and the person who helped manage behind-the-scenes operations for Geoff and Steve during filming of all three seasons of TV's Meteorite Men.

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