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STEP 1 - Tell us who you are

We are excited to have you on board! Let's begin by having you fill out this form to tell us a bit more about who you are. Please fill out each entry as best as you can. If you are booking for a group, please fill out a form for each participant. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE.

Is this your first meteorite hunt?

Thanks, we've got your form! Move on to STEP 2

STEP 2 - Reserve your spots

Next is your deposit. This refundable deposit will reserve your spot(s) for the upcoming expedition. If you are booking for a group, please be sure to edit the "quantity" field for the number of guests you are purchasing deposits for. Once you've paid your deposit(s), move on to STEP 3

NOTE: Your initial deposit will be refunded only if the minimum number of participants is not met.

STEP 3 - Confirm with Mission Control

Once you have paid for your deposit to reserve your spot for this expedition, it's time to pay the remaining balance for the trip.  To make sure we have your correct information, have answered all your questions, and to pay for the remaining balance, please get in contact with us either by phone or email, listed below.

This is the website editor signing off and wishing you a most thrilling and memorable adventure, wherever you journey to around the world!

Contact Us

Let's get in touch!

520 742 3333

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